The Norfolk and Norwich Medico-Legal Society was founded in 1985 by a group of doctors and lawyers to promote medico-legal knowledge, in all its aspects.

We are a non profit making organisation whose membership is open to qualified and trainee members of the legal, medical, dental and nursing professions and such other persons as may be interested in medico-legal matters. We organise evening talks addressed by speakers from all relevant professions.

Please see the Programme of Events for our current programme and those of recent years.

Conferences have also been arranged in 1993, 1996 and 2000 at UEA

Previous Officers of the Society
Chairman / Chairwoman
1985-1993   John Chapman
1993-1994   Stephen King
1994-1995   David Jones
1995-1996   Fred Holding
1996-1998   Dr David Dick
1998-2005   Rose Escott
2005-2008   Pam Hoare
2008-2009   Dr Aubrey Kerr
2009-2017   John Hamey
Honorary Secretary
1985-1991   Ronnie Sutcliffe
1991-1994   David Jones
1994-1997   Rose Escott
1997-2005   Graham Sinclair
2005-2014   Rose Escott
2014-2017   Ben Ward
Honorary Treasurer
1985-1992   Ken Masters
1992-1997   Margaret Duncan
1997-2005   Pam Hoare
2005-2017   Sara Westwood
Founder Members
Ronnie Sutcliffe
John Chapman
John Watson-Farrar
John McNae
Dr Francis Rutter
Dr Keith Knowles
David Jones